Thillist: The 21 Best Nachos in America

Thrillist recently put out this list of the 21 Best Nachos in America, and Party Fowl is pumped to be included!!

"Continuing the fine tradition of highly specialized restaurant with punny names started in the previous entry, Party Fowl preaches the gospel of hot chicken and cold beer, and it's the kind of place that instantly converts non-believers. Said bright-red chicken can be served with its traditional white-bread-and-pickles accoutrements, in sandwiches (po' boys, Cubans), in tacos, or atop poutine. And, of course, on a big-ass pile of nachos. But here's the thing: Hot chicken is overpowering, so for the nachos to really stand out, they need a little something extra. And what really makes these suckers shine is the fact that the chips are fried in bacon fat before getting loaded with neon chicken, white beans, various sauces, and more. Take the hot chicken away, and you've got a great plate of nachos. Add it and you have a legendary one.”

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