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"Nothing quite fires us up as a nation like watching the Olympics. There’s just something about turning on the TV and watching top athletes who’ve devoted their very lives to one sport competing for an ugly necklace that makes us feel all weepy as we lick the Doritos dust off our fingers. They’re inspiring, too. I know I, for one, try to match my daily calorie count to that of Michael Phelps. While these five meals fall far short of that kind of carb-loading, rest assured you will feel like a champ after each and every one, because you are the winner of eating. Party Fowl 719 Eighth Ave. S.615-624-8255

George Clooney will always be hot. Pluto will always be a planet — in my heart, at least, if not in Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s. You cannot be a champion foodie in Nashville if you don’t truly love our signature hot chicken. These are facts, and they are not up for debate. You don’t even have to like any other spicy food ever, but you have to love hot chicken. I’m not suggesting you go poultrygeist-hot on your first time out, but maybe you can tackle the mildest level on a Deconstructed Hot Chicken Cobb. If not, don’t expect to medal. Just sayin’."

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