MASHED: Everything You Need to Know About Buying Chicken


"If you've ever gone to the store, butcher shop, market, or farm stand to buy chicken, you might have been intimidated by the offerings at least once or twice. It can be hard to decide what to buy, and from where.

If you're in need of a little bit of chicken buying advice, read on as experts like Party Fowl break it all down.

#1. Chicken is chicken is chicken, right? Not really. So what's it supposed to look like, anyway?


"The skin should be a yellow tint, and the meat should be pinkish and natural-looking in cut or shape," Bart Pickens, executive chef at Party Fowl, said. Additionally, there really shouldn't be any particular scent to the chicken — if it has any odor, it's not good and you definitely shouldn't buy or eat it." Read More Tips About Buying Chicken at