MANkind: 5 Must Do Things in Nashville


Aside from hanging out in the many several historic districts and checking out local distilleries, MANkind recommends you "Eat some food" as a must do in Nashville. That's where Party Fowl comes in.


Tam-Star of MANkind says, "After talking to many locals, I quickly learned there was a real food scene in Music City. Can you say, “Hot Chicken.” Hot chicken is a Nashville thing. The aggressively flavored fried chicken is a staple. It’s good! I  suggest you add Party Fowl to your “to eat list” if you are looking to experience the fiery poultry specialty. From fried cheese grit cakes, bacon-fried potato chips, to boozy slushies and Jack Daniel’s lacquered lollipops, Party Fowl offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience in the heart of Nashville.

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