DELISH.COM: This Is The CRAZIEST Bloody Mary You'll Ever See


Party Fowl was featured on in the "What the Food" online video series. The host, Lindsay Funston, participated in the production process of the Nashville Hot Bloody Mary Mix with Kristin from Walker's, then stopped by Party Fowl to sample the Brunch for Two.

"When I flew to Nashville a couple weeks ago, I had only heard all the hooplah about the city's legendary hot chicken — I couldn't wait to try some for myself. But before I could get a bite of the real thing, I had to make a bloody mary mix using the hot chicken seasoning. Sound insane? Good, 'cuz it is. Walker's Feed Co. & Party Fowl make a mean basic bloody mary mix; once you factor in the hot chicken seasoning, you're toast.

Walker's wanted to pay homage to Nashville by incorporating the restaurant Party Fowl's hot chicken seasoning into its classic mix. Party Fowl uses the mix at their restaurant for the most over-the-top bloody mary of ALL TIME.

This thing is no joke, guys: It comes topped with all kinds of accoutrements: fried okra, scotch egg, fried chicken. The kick from the hot chicken seasoning makes this a bloody mary for true spice lovers only. If you can handle the heat, this is definitely the best bloody mary you will ever have in your entire life."

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