Dana Freeman Travels: Some Like it Hot - Eating in Nashville


dana_freeman_travels_logo_feature"Located in the East Gulch District, Party Fowl combines a fiery menu with handcrafted cocktails and over 20 local beers on tap. Our group started off with one of their signature drinks, the Applesauce. This is a delightful concoction of American Born Apple Pie Moonshine, Apple Pucker, Pineapple Juice and of course Applesauce. I also had a tiny sip of the Bushwacker. Don’t be fooled this booze-fueled milkshake, it will knock you back some. Party Fowl serves up Hot Chicken, a Nashville food staple, in their salads, sandwiches and po’ boys. You can get it seasoned in varying degrees of heat: mild, medium, Nashville hot or poultrygiest. I like spicy food and the medium was plenty hot for me. Forget buffalo chicken, this could be my new obsession. The only thing that could possibly make your meal better at Party Fowl would be to add a side of bacon fried Piggy Chips."

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