BravoTV: 7 Chefs Share Their Greasiest, Meatiest, Spiciest, and Most Carb-Heavy Hangover Cures


"Anyone who "works hard, plays hard" knows how difficult recovering from a night of debauchery can be. While hangover remedies for normal folk often involve Advil, Gatorade, and greasy AF takeout food, talented chefs have the ability to whip up everything and anything that suits their palates and tames their tummies (and eases that annoying headache…) So, what do they opt for? Homemade meals, or something else?

We found seven culinary masterminds to share their cures for the morning after a fun night out on the town–specifically, what they’re eating to make the world stop spinning. From sandwiches to stews, here’s what chefs are consuming to end their most awful hangovers ASAP."

Party Fowl's, Chef Bart is listed at number 3 with his choice of the Loco Moco


“It’s a traditional Hawaiian dish. I would eat it sober if it was my only meal of the day. It sticks to your ribs. I started eating it back in the '80s at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Now we do a version of the classic at Party Fowl every Saturday and Sunday during brunch that’s made with Nashville hot chicken, Louisiana dirty rice, smothered in gravy, and topped with two eggs.”

– Bart Pickens, Executive Chef

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