Flavor & The Menu: A Dozen Ways - Feeling Hot-Hot-Hot


Twelve ways to satiate diners’ never-ending appetite for heat

Party Fowl was included in an online article on Flavor & The Menu and features 12 different ways to satisfy diners’ appetite for heat. Party Fowl is included at number six, under the category ‘Nashville Hot.’ The article specifically highlights the Brunch for Two and the Hot Chicken & Stuffed French Toast.



#6 Nashville Hot

"This once-niche fried chicken dish from Nashville is now a veritable flavor system of its own, proving the theory that when high heat is done well, it catches fire. Party Fowl in Nashville features Nashville Hot in its Brunch for Two: a 55-oz. Bloody Mary with hot chicken spice, topped with two fried Cornish game hens, two Scotch eggs, fried okra and avocado."

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