The Wall Street Journal: Waiter, There’s a Bloody Mary in My Chicken Dinner

Recently, The Wall Street Journal published a piece on a new trend in Bloody Mary’s… BIG GARNISHES! Well, we were so darned pleased to get a call out in this article, and make sure to come by and try our “Brunch for Two” Bloody Marry!

“Brace yourself after ordering the signature Bloody Mary at the Party Fowl restaurant in Nashville, Tenn. Some disassembly required

The cocktail arrives at the table weighing 7½ pounds and requires some muscling. Its garnishes extend about 7 inches up from the rim and 4 inches to the side. They include fried okra, an avocado, baseball-size Scotch eggs—and two Cornish game hens on 12-inch skewers.”

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